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We as a team believe that no person should ever have to live in lack. If you have access to a computer, you have the ability to make money. We want to teach you how! We have developed and partnered with some of the most innovative brains in our industry in order to make this happen.


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My 38 year employer dumped me 5 years ago and I bought a Skip McGrath Course... that led soon to a Jim Cockrum course... I never looked back and ended up here... Brett and Dean have been a Godsend to me.

James, Online Seller

Hey Guys, I came home from work to find 9 sold items in one day! I'm stoked!... This can only be attributed to the knowledge and spirit of this group... and some hard work/late nights of course!  I sure appreciate this community.  Mahalo!

John, From Hawaii

Duane excels in analyzing and digging to identify the repeat profits available in mundane, ordinary products--the kind found in big box retail stores. In addition to his group teaching, he readily answers specific questions about certain products and their potential (or lack of)!

Anita, Online Seller

"Duane has a way of explaining FBA that is easily understood and implemented. He is willing to spend his time helping others with everyday problems and also more advanced strategies. I am honored to be a member of his coaching group - he is "the real thing" -  money well spent!"

Teresa, online Seller

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